Father’s Day Gift Guide


With Father’s Day a week away, here are some last-minute gift ideas that should hopefully help procrastinators (like me!) find something for their dads or husbands.

  1. Sleep-deprived new fathers might get a lot of use out of this stylish Bluetooth tracking key chain, which should help them find their keys on the way out to work in the morning. Bluetooth Tracking Tag, $40
  2. My husband – a new father – loves hypothetical questions. “Table Topics” would be a great activity for date night, family dinners, or game night with friends. Perfect as an ice breaker, too. Table Topics $25
  3. Another gift a pop-culture savvy dad will love. This silk tie is adorned with Star Wars tie fighters – quite the pun. The subtle black and silver design also means Dad can wear it to the office without attracting the wrong attention. Tie Fighter Silk Tie, $64.99
  4. The grill is often the man’s domain, for better or worse. Reward a BBQ master with this spiffy case filled with grilling accessories. BBQ Briefcase, $83.50 
  5. An outdoorsy or history buff dad will get a kick out of this gold panning kit, which made an appearance on “Shark Tank.” Gold Rush Nugget Bucket Panning Kit in Desert Camouflage, $99.95
  6. If barbecue is your dad’s thing, there’s also this gift set of hot ‘n spicy rubs, marinades, sauces, and pickles – everything for a flavorful summer feast. Famous Dave’s Variety Hot Gift Box, $24.99
  7. Game of Thrones Season 6 is in full swing, and who isn’t watching? Dad will appreciate this blanket that will help him keep warm during the coming winter, in addition to helping him keep track of what’s happening on the show. Game of Thrones Map of Westeros Fleece Blanket, $24.99. 

Saturday Morning Coffee: Links I Love


The weather here has been scorching hot all this week; it already feels like summer. I’ve been enjoying finishing up the Outlander series while sitting on my patio, drinking a nice (non-alcoholic and decaffeinated) iced drink. Temps are starting to cool off, which is a good thing because I’ve got some serious housework to do this weekend in prep for baby.

Oh yeahhhh, 40-50% off sale items at J. Crew right now. I snagged these tights, this tee, and this gorgeous metallic blue jacquard skirt, which hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze into this fall.

Who doesn’t love must-have beauty product lists? Here’s one from The Blonde Salad.

A gallery of the latest bad fast fashion knockoffs.

From the 70s… to the 90s. Two bloggers in outfits that would totally blend in at Coachella.

Ever since I had a slice of lilikoi (passionfruit) pie at Maui Pie Company during my Hawaiian vacation in January, I’ve been craving it so much, but the right recipe has been hard to find. Lo and behold, I found one in my feed this week.

A chic, very Parisian fashion edit in honor of Earth Day.

Tax Day’s passed; now’s the perfect time to start getting organized for next year.

Before you head out on summer vacation, check out these DIY tips on how to commemorate your travels once you get back home.

Photo from Tookapic.

Marimekko for Target Launch Review

About 12 am PST on Sunday, April 17, links started leaking on Twitter for colorful Marimekko-printed items at Target. By searching the Target site using a print name, you’d be able to find all items in that print. The problem? You could only click on the items and add them to your cart if you were using the mobile site or the app. The desktop website would just say “This item is not available yet.” Twenty minutes or so passed, and then the collection went live on the desktop site and Target publicized the launch. Not a perfect scenario, but if you stalked #MarimekkoforTarget on Twitter, you were able to buy what you wanted a little sooner, and everything was still available by the time news went public.

There wasn’t much a frenzy on social media, so I figured the in-store launch would be quiet… thus, I slept in and skipped the morning madness, choosing to go to my local Target at about 10:45 am. And… drum roll… there was plenty of stuff right inside the entrance. In fact, nothing from the apparel department was sold out.


Even for the items that were dwindling, like swimsuits, there was a decent selection of sizes still available.


So, it was time to try on the clothes; of which, there wasn’t much offered for women as the racks were shared with the girls’ clothing.

First up, the Palazzo Pant in Okariino Print – Black. Keep in mind I’m 5’7″, 9 months pregnant, and a former size 2. Everything I tried on was a size small.


These were better than I expected. The partially elasticized waistband wasn’t uncomfortable, they weren’t too long (though heels would still be required to wear them unless the hems were shortened), and they felt breezy. I surprisingly liked the look of them. Only one problem: VSL (visible panty lines). Through the white portions of the print, you could clearly see everything through the fabric. Everything. Verdict: don’t buy.


Next up, the Tunic in Kukkatori Print – Primary. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I didn’t hate the print once I had it on. That being said, the length was weird. Too short for a dress, too long for a top, and baggy. Like the majority of items in the collection, the tunic was also plagued by the 100% rayon fabric, which was wrinkly (see the sleeve) and felt like hospital gown material.


Oh hey, grandma. The Long Kaftan Dress in Kukkatori Print – Blue resembled a loose muumuu with a very low-cut neckline. No, no, no.


The Top in Appelsiini Print – Blue was the cutest piece of apparel in my opinion. Cut wide but short, the crop top is pretty, and the proportions are right. Unfortunately, the cut combined with the fabric made it seem like a smock.


Last up in this clothing experiment: the Terry Cloth Cover Up in Ministeri Print – Black. I had the same feelings about this one as I had with the tunic: what’s with the in-between length? Does nothing for me. However, because this was made of terry cloth, it had a more substantial weight to it and felt more expensive. And the print was good, too. Unfortunately, it wasn’t anything special either. There are lots of terry cover-ups like on the market.

I left apparel without a single item to buy, which has never happened to me in the history of all the Target collabs I’ve shopped. I also didn’t see anybody else trying on or buying the clothes, and the store I visited is in an upper middle-class beachside community. I would think the clientele would eat this stuff up. Not a positive sign for this launch.

As for the girls’ clothing, it was pretty cute, but the toddler clothes I bought for my daughter online are going back to the store after feeling how rough they are. The Tank and Short Set in Paprika Print – Primary did not appear as it did online – the yellow was a more vibrant marigold, a tricky color to pull off.

Things weren’t much better in the home section.


Tons of product, and no one even checking it out. The only items sold out: the Kitchen Towels in Kukkatori & Appelsiini Print – Blue and the Napkins 4ct – Primary.

Overall, the quality of the clothing was a disappointment, though I thought the fit was spot-on. Home goods were well-made (though why all the melamine? cheap, cheap, cheap). The continued availability of nearly all the items in stores and online, however, suggests that this collection didn’t hit the spot for shoppers, and Target overestimated the demand. Personally, I only scooped up the cooler tote, an oversized beach towel, and two lounge mats. While somewhat overpriced, the lounge mats are attractive and will be perfect for a comfortable time lounging on the beach. Pick them up on sale, as I’m sure much of Marimekko for Target will end up there.

Saturday Morning Coffee: Links I Love


Every Saturday morning, I wake up from a good night’s sleep, roll over, pick up my phone, and catch up on all the blog posts I’ve missed during the week over a cup of coffee. Every Saturday morning, I’ll be sharing interesting blog links I’ve found over the course of the week so you can do the same.

This edit of banana leaf-printed goods makes me think of summer in the 1950s. Want it all.

Ah, springtime – perfect for picnics. Speaking of picnics… some recommendations on what to pack if you shop at Trader Joe’s. Which you must do because it’s the best place ever.

Time for some closet spring cleaning – here are some tips.

I had no idea eyebrow microblading existed, but it’s a neat procedure if you’re interested in getting semi-permanent bolder brows.

I used to love going to Balboa Island as a kid. Hallie’s outfit is very fitting for the location – need that dress!

Speaking of dresses I need… this one is so apropos for a picnic date.

I’m not a romance novel fan, but maybe it’s time to try them out and visit this brand-new bookstore in Culver City.

Grab this cute and affordable ottoman before it’s completely sold out.

Love the Monopoly contest at McDonald’s as much as I do? Learn about the disappointing chances of winning.

Read about the latest Hollywood whitewashing scandal.

Photo from Negative Space.

Pregnancy Must-Haves


If you didn’t know… I’m 33 weeks pregnant with my first child. The process has been a fairly easy one – with the exception of that nausea-filled, hormonal, exhausting first trimester. I picked up some tips and tricks of my own, while also seeking out advice from others. This is not the most glamorous edit you’ll ever see, but hopefully, it will be helpful for some mommas-to-be. (But don’t worry, things aren’t about to get too baby-centric up in here)

  1. Foldover stretch knit maxi skirt – After entering the end of my second trimester, I needed something more than maternity jeans to wear. Size up 1 or 2 from your pre-pregnancy size with this affordable Target skirt. The foldover waistband means you’ll be able to adjust the fit throughout your pregnancy. Plus, it’s soft and comfortable. Great for weekends when paired with sandals and a t-shirt, or for work with flats and a blouse.
  2. Instant plain oatmeal packs – These were a lifesaver at work during the first trimester. When nausea strikes up, stave off hunger with some bland oats you can heat in the office kitchen microwave. And they’ve got lots of fiber, good for all trimesters.
  3. Mint herbal tea – Also a godsend during the first trimester. I didn’t even have to drink it- keeping it on my desk helped ward off more nauseating smells.
  4. Gummy prenatal vitamins – I took these throughout my pregnancy. Tasty and easy on the tummy. Just make sure to check with your doctor first – these don’t have iron, which is perfect for me, but they won’t work for you if you’re anemic.
  5. Bio Oil – I use this after showering every night, starting with the beginning of the second trimester – and no stretch marks! Probably from genetics, but Bio Oil’s worth a shot.
  6. Liz Lange maternity wear – Affordable, quality maternity clothes you can pick while doing errands at Target.
  7. Simply Perfect by Warner bra – As you gain a cup size (or more), a new bra might be a necessity. Then again, you’ll be another size once you’re nursing. Splurging might not be in your best interest, so this cheap bra is a good solution (and it’s comfy).
  8. Saline nasal spray – Ugh, pregnancy-induced stuffiness and bloody noses. I use this every night.
  9. Paige maternity jeans – You don’t have to pick up Paige jeans – they’re just my favorites. At the end of the first trimester, go out and invest in 2+ pairs of maternity jeans from your favorite designer. Go ahead and spend; these will be the center of your wardrobe for the coming months. I chose skinnies in black and dark wash denim so I could wear them at work. Also, figure out if you’re an over-the-belly or under-the-belly elastic fan.
  10. Breathe Right sensitive skin nasal strips – Avoid the standard strips. They’ll leave your nose red and indented in the morning, not to mention the sticky residue that won’t budge. Try these out if saline spray won’t do the trick.

Got any pregnancy must-haves of your own to share?

Marimekko for Target Lookbook + How to Shop

I love Marimekko. Well, at least the designs that are available at Crate & Barrel. The whimsical Finnish prints are a lot of fun, and now Target’s getting in on the action with a collection that launches next Sunday, April 17. Included are designs for women, girls, the home, and outdoors. Check out the lookbook here.

The clothes for women look difficult to pull off, but if you can, props to you! They kind of scare me, but then again, I’m not one for large-scale prints, especially when they’re a bit psychedelic. Here are my favorites (they’re also available in plus sizes!):

Women's Top - Appelsiini Print - Blue, $19.99

Women’s Top – Appelsiini Print – Blue, $19.99

Women's Short - Appelsiini Print - Blue, $19.99

Women’s Short – Appelsiini Print – Blue, $19.99

These two items paired together create a fabulous summer outfit, as seen in the campaign photographs, but they’d be equally great separately.

Women's Bikini Top - Kiss-kiss Print - Black, $19.99

Women’s Bikini Top – Kiss-kiss Print – Black, $19.99

Women's Bikini Bottom - Kiss-kiss Print - Black, $19.99

Women’s Bikini Bottom – Kiss-kiss Print – Black, $19.99

This polka-dot bikini doesn’t scream Marimekko, but it is sweet meets sporty. I can imagine Taylor Swift rocking it on a jet ski.

The clothes for girls are even better. They have different styles available for girls and toddlers, and given that I’ll have a little girl roaming around shortly, I’m planning on stocking up on the smallest size available, 9M. Here are my faves:

Toddler Girls' Long-Sleeve Rash Guard Set - Appelsiini Print - Warm, $19.99

Toddler Girls’ Long-Sleeve Rash Guard Set – Appelsiini Print – Warm, $19.99

Adorable print with lots of sun protection.

Toddler Girls' Terry Cloth Cover Up - Auringonkukka Print - Warm, $16.99

Toddler Girls’ Terry Cloth Cover Up – Auringonkukka Print – Warm, $16.99

This sunflower-adorned cover up is too cute.

Toddler Girls' Tank and Short Set - Paprika Print - Primary, $22.99

Toddler Girls’ Tank and Short Set – Paprika Print – Primary, $22.99

This mix of prints is oh so chic.

Toddler Girls' Dress Set - Kukkatori Print - Blue, $19.99

Toddler Girls’ Dress Set – Kukkatori Print – Blue, $19.99

This dress and bloomers set makes for an easy, breezy baby outfit.

And on to the home and outdoors. Here is where the collection really shines. If you’re looking to upgrade your patio, definitely take a peek.

Oversized Beach Towel - Lokki Print – Primary, $39.99

Oversized Beach Towel – Lokki Print – Primary, $39.99

This oversized beach towel with a classic blue and white print is just right for family beach days.

Beach Towel - Kaivo Print - Blue, $24.99

Beach Towel – Kaivo Print – Blue, $24.99

This bold towel appears way more expensive than it actually is.

Adult Gardening Tool Set 4 Piece - Kukkatori Print - Primary, $19.99

Adult Gardening Tool Set 4 Piece – Kukkatori Print – Primary, $19.99

This gardening set would make a lovely hostess gift.

Round Oversized Inflatable 70" - Albatrossi Print - Primary, $39.99

Round Oversized Inflatable 70″ – Albatrossi Print – Primary, $39.99

Kids would love floating on this giant inflatable, and I wouldn’t mind laying out on it while reading magazine.

Lounge Mat - Koppelo & Traktori Print - Black, $64.99

Lounge Mat – Koppelo & Traktori Print – Black, $64.99

This would be a more comfortable solution to a towel on grass or sand.

Cooler Tote - Koppelo Print - Black, $29.99

Cooler Tote – Koppelo Print – Black, $29.99

Cooler than your average… cooler.

Play Tent 3 Piece - Auringonkukka Print - Warm, $119.99

Play Tent 3 Piece – Auringonkukka Print – Warm, $119.99

Pure whimsy, but if you have the spare change, why not splurge on this tent?


So you’re ready to buy? Create a shopping list of everything you want to purchase and the sizes you need. For clothes, buy the 2 sizes closest to yours, and you can return what doesn’t fit.

Some items are online exclusives, so buying online is the safe bet… if you can stay up to 12 – 2 AM PST, which is when most of Target’s past collections have gone live online. Check social media like crazy for shoppable links and make sure you have your payment and shipping info already saved in your Target profile. Have patience and don’t go too crazy buying stuff.

The riskier alternative is going to the store. There, you’ll face limited selections, pushy women, and potentially long lines. I usually arrive 20 minutes to 1 hour before opening, but it depends on your location and the popularity of the designer. Once the doors open, beeline to home goods, where the splashiest items get snatched quickly, or head to women’s clothing – but walk! Don’t be rude, don’t sweep whole racks of clothes into your cart, and be kind to fellow shoppers. Keep your eyes on your cart at all times. And always try on the clothes because with Target collections, the fit and quality can be all over the place.

Most importantly, have fun! It’s just fashion.

All photos from Target.com.